The journal "ACS MAGAZINE", a periodical of information on all Calabrian cultural initiatives, has now reached its fifth edition with a circulation of more than 50,000 copies and a favorable response from the Calabrian institutions and readers. There are numerous information sections on the most interesting aspects of history, art and regional cuisine, with numerous interviews with the personalities of the political world, culture and local business. In the special issue, realized entirely around the event "SanremOn - CALABRIA IN THE FESTIVAL", will contain a complete reportage of our experience in Sanremo, interviews with singers competing in the festival, cultural rubrics and information about the region; There are also pages dedicated to the characteristics of typical regional products presented during the event, and offered free of charge during the tasting. Within the magazine some pages will be reserved for the institutional promotion of the region.
Copies of the magazine will be hosted by hostesses near the Ariston Theater of the Ligurian town during the Festival.
Additional copies will be distributed over the same period throughout Calabria. The project, complete and articulated in all its elements, will be presented at a press conference one week before the start of the Festival in the presence of the major personalities involved.