The Greek Mask is a South prize and takes place in Calabria in August at the tourist village of Praialonga, Castella, Cape Rizzuto Island. The event was conceived and organized by the ACS Association Entertainment Center. The event is aimed at enhancing those characters who, with their work, their professionalism have been able to pay homage to our land and what the beautiful South can offer with its natural landscapes. Too often it is forgotten that the South has been the cradle of Greek culture and that our natural beauties have nothing to envy to those of other regions except the organization, that is, the ability of local administrations to make the most of their natural resources To increase tourism. The Greek Mask rewards all forms of entertainment, lyrical, light and symphonic music, cinema, theater, television, fashion, sports and culture. The mask of the Greek Mask is designed and made by a goldsmith of Magna Greece.