The Acs (Association for the Performing Arts Center) has for years been involved in a vast and articulated project of dissemination and promotion of the artistic, cultural and productive heritage of the Calabria region and its provinces (Reggio Calabria, Cosenza, Catanzaro, Crotone and Vibo Valentia). Outside of the regional boundaries. The collaboration started several years ago with the City of Sanremo for the realization of an effective marketing project in the Calabrian territory, both in tourism and in the promotion of typical regional products, entitled "SanremOn - CALABRIA INTO THE FESTIVAL ".
The only Calabrian event now included in several editions of the official program of collateral events at the Italian Song Festival, promoted by the municipality of Sanremo. The mission pursued by ACA and its partners is to promote the image of the Calabria region and its resources Productive at the same time as the country's largest choir event: the Sanremo Festival (from 25 February to 1 March 2008).
The aim of the proposed project is to attract the attention of a vast audience of the beauties, the history, the culture and the art of our people, and to enhance the regional local typologies, at national and international level, through the Channel of institutional communication. The project consists of two fundamental elements: the event and the magazine.


The event is born from the will to establish a solid twinning between the wonderful city of flowers and the land that on several occasions has seen many of its children as undisputed protagonists of the famous canora kermesse. The event, to be realized on Friday, at MORGANA VICTORY BAY (exclusive and prestigious place of the Ligurian town) will be attended by numerous guests, Calabrian artists and celebrities of the world of music, dance, cabaret, fashion and crafts. The event will be an important showcase To promote the Calabrian events in Calabria, to promote the genius and culture of Calabria and to spread the knowledge of the landscapes and natural beauties of Calabria, and at the same time to enhance the expertise and professionalism of our craftsmanship through a real and Its own "Made in Calabria" fair. To this end, the project involves the preparation of several permanent stands with the tasting of products made exclusively in Calabria and exhibition of handicraft products. A fancy jewelery and costume of Calabrian goldsmiths is also expected. The design proposal is therefore understood as a program of advertising and promotion to increase demand for typical products within the regional market, And the project is aimed at improving the image of typical regional crafts. It will conclude the day, an event-evening presented by Massimo Proietto (RAI UNO) with the participation, as the Madrina della manifestazione, of the beautiful Roberta Morise (" The Legacy ", RAI UNO). During the evening, three Calabrian personalities of the business world (Pitagora Prize for talent and productivity), culture and entertainment (Alcmeone Prize), Science and Communication (Milone Prize) will be rewarded, who are particularly distinguished in their respective Areas of activity. The awards will be made by the ORAFA CALABRESE SCHOOL. The event day, with a note of class and exclusivity, will be a fashion show of young designers. The promotion and communication campaign of the event will be carried out by the Acs through press releases Printing, TV commercials on local and regional broadcasters, billboards, service cars with the logo "Regione Calabria" for the streets of Sanremo, and on-site distribution of gadgets; In addition to tasting booths of typical products, brochures, editing of web pages on the website, and printing on local and regional broadcasting organizations. The event will be broadcast on the SKY digital platform.